Thursday, June 14, 2012

sentimental structure

my new metal pea/cucumber fence and re-stained deck

my old handmade trellis, RIP

I've had some time to work on projects on the home front, including re-staining my old deck (it looks brand-new!). But I knew that the old stick trellis I'd made many seasons ago to support my annual pea and cucumber vines wouldn't make it through another growing season; it was time for an upgrade.

Although I missed my spring pea planting window (I may plant a fall crop this year instead), I went overboard in the cucumber department, planting two varieties and several seedlings in relatively close quarters. But I know this new trellis will handle it. Will it be a good cucumber season? I hope so, but my friends and neighbors may not; some seasons have been so prolific that I felt as though they were avoiding me during the harvest season... (but what's a few dozen cucumbers among friends?)

And yes, I know I had a silly sentimental attachment to the rickety handmade wooden structure I'd been using for so many years and nursing along well beyond its useful life. But structures become part of the personal landscape of a garden over time; one grows accustomed to their tireless (and literal) support year after year. So the old trellis is awaiting it's final sendoff, a final repurposing of sorts, into kindling for a Midsummer bonfire. RIP, you served me well.

Are you sentimental about a garden structure?

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