Thursday, May 17, 2012

woodland journey

Trillium grandiflorum (white trillium) and wild geranium

When I first saw this thriving forest of white trillium during a woodland walk (near Ann Arbor, Mich.), it nearly took my breath away. It can feel awe-inspiring to view any wildflower growing en masse, but I had grown up with a special admiration for this native spring bloomer, which up until this point, I had only seen growing in clusters a small fraction of this size. For my return trip this year (I hope to make it an annual adventure), I took my camera along, but my photos do little justice to this expansive natural trillium garden nor adequately represents the sheer volume of flowers that encompass a good portion of the trail. I find that taking the time to enjoy experiences like this can help reignite my creative energy, and the photos I take become mementos of my creative journey.

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