Sunday, April 28, 2013

taking time for tea

To me, fine porcelain teacups represent many things: a time gone by, when ladies gathered in parlors to chat about other ladies in other parlors (black and white movie version); grabbing a moment to savor zen in the middle of a hectic day; the importance of appreciating the fragile and temporary qualities often inherent in beauty...

These past few months, I have been working on my vintage inventory. Deciding to part with collections, no matter how atypical they are from the rest of the examples in my eclectic collage called home, has never been an easy task for me. But sometimes one just has to let go and send the vintage love on to others; keep a favorite one (or two) from the collection and don't look back when the others go... Every piece may have a history, but it should have a future too, where new memories of cherished times will be revealed, and less dust gathers.

teacups with floral designs suggest one should "stop to smell the roses"

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